Palenica Białczańska to PTTK w Dolinie Pięciu Stawów Polskich


That’s a 5 minutes reading route

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I’m super happy sharing 5 Lakes Valley route because it is the first one in the blog and it was done together with Maria. That day we tried crampons for first time and we were discussing the structure of the future RunMyMap!


1- Route is simple: going and back, but during the way 2 deviations must be considered so pay attention! Expected time 7 hours within stops (a 1 day route).
2- The difficulty of the route I would say is 5 in a scale from 1 to 10, only a small part with elevation gain is important. High physical condition is not demanded.
3- The route is highly recommended to be done with crampons during pre winter months or after / terrain contains big ice surfaces and stairs*, route was in December of 2018

*Below I explain you where to rent crampons in Zakopane!!

I saved the route with my Garmin Fenix 3, distance varies just because we were walking around and doing photos and videos. 
Take a look to my route in STRAVA!

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The route:

Main points:

(1) Parking Palenica Białczańska (8/9 am)
We will start here, you can reach the parking by bus or by car. Plenty of buses departure from Zakopane from main station every day. Bus cost is less than 5 euro. Car parking cost is also around 6 euro (25pln). Both only by cash.

(2) Parking Palenica – asphalt road – deviation to 5 Lakes Valley (3km)
*km3: Last WC till the hut. 

Warm up! Very popular road due to massive tourist starting also from here to see Morskie Oko at 7km, one of the most visited parts in Tatry. We take a second way through the mountains at km 3. My opinion? Morskie Oko is amazing, but the route is not worth it (only asphalt and massification). Despite that fact, is necessary do it if we want to reach Morskie Oko and then explore more in the mountains.

(3) Track from deviation in km3 to deviation in km7: a beauty green line

(4) As I said, we must pay attention to the second deviation and turn left:

(5) Last part, the black line: a little bit of uphill till the hut.


From this point we can find a zip line that provides food to the hut! If you are lucky maybe you can see it moving. We did!

(6) We reach the hut PTTK w Dolinie Pięciu Stawów Polskich
Remember to eat a polish Żurek soup in the hut!! Do it on me!
Wanna book? More information? Take a look at

By the way, what does “PTTK” mean? PTTK means Polskie Towarzystwo Turystyczno-Krajoznawcze, that’s Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Association. It is a non-governmental tourist association that promotes qualified tourism in Poland; including accommodations, museums, libraries, routes, etc.
Soooooo, when you will see a house and read “Schronisko Górskie PTTK” that means “Mountain Hut from PTTK” !! You learn something new every day! 🙂

Where can I rent crampons in Zakopane?
We took crampons from and there you can see all good stuff they have. We just wrote by SMS the day before to +48 666 408 788 and they confirmed us the order. They have some cars at strategic points in Zakopane every morning at 8am and you just take it giving 100pln/person as deposit. Cost of turistic crampons is 40pln/person. Your return the gear after coming back and all is Ok.

That’s all for today! ENJOY THE MOUNTAINS!!


“La ruta del parking Palenica Białczańska hacia el Refugio del valle de los cinco lagos polacos”

Estoy muy contento de compartir La ruta hacia el Valle de los 5 lagos debido a que es la primera del blog y que fue hecha con Maria. Ese día nos iniciamos con los crampones y estuvimos hablando por primera vez del futuro de RunMyMap!!


1- Es una ruta simple: ir y volver, pero Cuidado! durante el camino nos vamos a encontrar con 2 desviaciones. Tiempo esperado de 7 horas con paradas (1 día de ruta).
2- La dificultad de la ruta diría que es de 5 sobre 10, solamente existe un pequeño tramo de desnivel positivo importante. La condición física no es algo muy exigido.
3- La ruta es altamente recomendada de hacer con crampones durante los meses de pre invierno y después / el terreno contiene grandes superficies de hielo y escaleras*, la ruta fue hecha en diciembre de 2018.

*Más abajo os explico donde alquilar crampones baratos en Zakopane!!

Guardé mi ruta en el Garmin Fenix 3, la distancia varía ya que estuvimos correteando por ahí y haciendo fotos
Echa un vistazo a mi STRAVA!

Mapas facilitados gracias a, entra y descarga tu plan de ruta!

La ruta

Puntos principales:

(1) Parking Palenica Białczańska (8/9 am)
Empezamos en el parking, el cual puedes alcanzar en bus o en coche. Muchos buses salen cada día desde Zakopane en la estación central. El billete cuesta unos 5 euros. Si quieres llegar en coche, el coste del parking es de unos 6 euros.

(2) Parking Palenica – carretera asfalto – desviación hacia el Valle de los 5 lagos, estamos en el km 3.
km 3: Por cierto, es el último punto con lavabos hasta llegar al refugio.

Calentamiento! Carretera de asfalto muy popular debido a la masificación turística que empieza también desde aquí para ver Morskie Oko a 7km, uno de los sitios más visitados de los Tatras. Nosotros nos desviamos en el km3 a través de las montañas. Mi opinión? Morskie Oko es increíble, pero la ruta no vale la pena (es puro asfalto y masificación), aunque necesaria si queremos ir a Morskie Oko y después explorar más.


(3) Desde la desviación del km3 a la del km7: la belleza de la línea verde

(4) Como hemos comentado, recordad de girar a la izquierda.

(5) Última parte, la línea negra: un poco de cuesta arriba hacia el refugio.


Desde este punto podemos encontrar una tirolina que proporciona comida al refugio! Si tienes suerte tal vez puedas verla en movimiento. Nosotros lo hicimos!

(6) Llegamos al refugio de PTTK del Valle de los 5 lagos polacos
Recuerda hacerte una sopa polaca Żurek! Hazlo a mi salud!!
Quieres reservar? Encontrar más información? Visita

Por cierto, que significa “PTTK”? PTTK son las siglas de Polskie Towarzystwo Turystyczno-Krajoznawcze, que sería algo como Asociación Polaca de Turismo y Excursionismo. Es una sociedad no gubernamental que promociona el turismo de calidad en Polonia; incluye albergues, museos, librerías, rutas, etc.
Así queeeeee, cuando veas una casa donde pone “Schronisko Górskie PTTK” eso significa que has encontrado tu albergue! “Albergue de montaña PTTK” Ya lo ves, nunca te acostarás sin saber una cosa más! 🙂

¿Dónde alquilar crampones en Zakopane?
Alquilamos a través de allí podréis ver el buen material que tienen. Escribimos por SMS el día antes a +48 666 408 788 y nos confirmaron el pedido. Tienen coches repartidos en puntos estratégicos de Zakopane cada mañana a las 8:00 y simplemente tienes que dar un depósito de 100 pln/persona. El coste de los crampones turísticos es de unos 40pln/persona. Los devuelves al volver y todo genial.

Esto es todo por hoy! DISFRUTAD DE LAS MONTAÑAS!! 

When did all begin?

Less than 3 minutes-reading

I remember myself running barefoot from one point to another in the garden of the village. We used to do races with my brothers just to discover who could be able to run over the tiny sharp stones as long as possible. Evenings always ended with red feet. It was a mad way to spend a childhood, but I really never appreciated objects -outdoor activities were always a better plan than TV or computers.

Running the mountain marathon of BUFF Epic Trail in 2017

Sometimes people ask me since when I run. At the beginning I used to try to figure out an exact moment of my life -that’s because humans we usually need distances, exact dates, places or bib-numbers just to verify a story. Then, I understood that running has always meant a way of expression.

The fact is, my parents never took me to the mountains, or campings, or nature at all. We were 10 brothers and sisters so logistics always put us on troubles to do road trips. I was too young to take a car and no trails surrounded the area. Unfortunately, I am not the personification of natural human that was born in a valley. I am more a village-city product with the desire of discovery and run, meet the mountains and their beauty.

However, from young ages to adolescence I played football in several teams. It was an easy and accessible way to burn my energy. But the need to run (yeah, it was something quasi-animal) became evident, a football field was already small. Things got in troubles when my aunt (who always used to run) said: – hey, would you be able to run a marathon someday? After one week, I bought a pair of shoes and I told my mum that I would run a marathon. I was 16 years old. I promised my aunt to finish in less than 4 hours (Why? No fucking idea, 4 hours sounded good). At that moment we were training 3-times + 1 match per week. That, with 3 days of running, meant no rest at all. But the coach did not know that, so the 0 experience together with silence led me to a marathon line.

Before running my first marathon with 16 years old in Donostia, Basque Country.

I was 16 so I had to race with an adult bib-number (I definitely do not recommend that but I can be really persistent). I did not have too much money so I ran with a 10 euro watch from Decathlon. I wrote some pace times in my arm. I finished the 42km with 3h and 56min. Of course, the photo above is before the race. After the event, I kept that big smile but with the particularity of having 2 legs less during 3 days. I do not regret at all.

By the way, when did all begin? Before my first marathon? After? That’s the idea, will we stop being runners when we stop racing?

See you soon!!